Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rsync command syntax

Below given is the recommended Rsync syntax which can be used to sync 2 file-systems. However appropriate options can be chosen based on the requirement:
 Source machine# nohup rsync -atlrzvuop --progress /<source folder>/  <Destination IP/Hostname>:/<Dest folder>/  &
-a  :  Archive mode
-t  :   Preserve modification time
-l  :   Preserve symbolic links
-r :   Copy recursively
-v :   Verbose
-z  :  Zip the files before transfer
-u :  Skips files which exist on the destination and have a modified time newer than the source file.
-p :  Preserve permissions
-o :  Preserve owner
--bwlimit=<kpbs> : To control the I/O bandwidth if you are syncing across WAN (e.g. --bwlimit= 30000  - to sync at 30 Mbps)
--delete  :   Delete all the extra files on Destination which aren’t present in the Source.
--exclude=<pattern>  :   Exclude files from syncing whose filenames matching the PATTERN  (e.g. )

Automated Rsync script:


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