Thursday, September 8, 2011

Linux system info script - latest version

Whenever I work on Performance issue of a Linux server or when I do any Server Audit, I used to wonder how great it would be if I have a script that will give me all the vital information about the system including the Health status and Security settings. I put my thought into action and this Perl script is a result of it.

Upon execution with the syntax "perl", it will display all the vital System parameter details, Health Status and the Security Information on ONE screen.

Supported Platform :  Any Physical or VMware Server running on Linux OS with Perl installed.
Packages required : The Linux machine should contain 'sysstat' and 'dmidecode-2.xx' package,

URL to download the script:
Once you download, please run the following command to convert the script into Unix format: # dos2unix


Note: I shall keep adding new features to this script. Hence please use the given download link to get the latest version.

PS: The Logics used in this script are chosen based on appropriate theory on Linux to ensure the accuracy of output.
Any feedback or suggestions are most welcome!!